‘eye-opening on the 8th day’ The residency program supports selected artists through public offerings. The current support for me is taking rest. The baby was born last year and now the first birthday is coming. I worked for a full-time job for five months and then quit. At the same time, Cheongju Creative Studio Residency program was finally completed. Many things have gone by and I have been tempted to leave this situation for a while and desire to change my environment. Then I got to know the 8th day residence program, and I wanted to get 8 days of rest support as an artist. At first, I wanted to go abroad and breathe in a different environment for a few days. However, I could not go farther with my baby, who is just coming first year birthday and my wife who is not good at speaking Korean. It is good for me to go to Barim residency rather than to go to foreign countries. So I decided to give someone a chance to travel and do the task instead of me, just as I was working on a breakthrough the residency program.

© Jinheewoong