Take Us Somewhere is a collaborative project of two artists, Heewoong Jin and Kevin Jung-Hoo Park. The project concerns our interest in finding ways to aesthetically externalize the experience of migration and instability. As immigrants, both of us longed for a homeland or, at least, a community, where we can find people whom might help us feel a sense of belonging. We have met in one of these communities, where we have also met others who have felt the need to cope with their aftermaths of migration. In fact, in these communities, we have also realized our experiences are not exclusive to immigrants alone, but to people from other provinces as well. This led us to wonder if it is not just the distance laid between his/her homeland but also the act of moving itself that causes the experience of migration. Eventually, the project has become a wider research on the effects and experiences of migration in relation to the distance and movement between one’s points of departure and arrival. Take Us Somewhere is an attempt to create a foundation to open dialogue of the meaning and impact of migration in today’s world.

still images
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