Moving Trailer(2017-on going) is an artistic action that artists perform in the urban environment. Here, showcases take place in a trailer, in a way that resembles a moving day, instead of in a rented art space. Each artist will park the trailer in a chosen location(s) that an artwork temporarily occupies. It is a trailer of the possibility that inhabits the Artist, as well as a program that is meant to carry them.

moving trailer 2017, my first solo show in montreal
I recently migrated to Montreal, Canada.
Not familiar land, Feeling still in moving, quickly reflects on my body.
I embraced to see a mountain although there was no mountain.

moving trailer 2018, It changes by the moving
Two objects are placed and rely on each other inside the moving trailer. Each time the moving trailer moves, these two objects show instability due to the speed of the vehicle and trembling due to the condition of the road surface. Sometimes it will crash into the wall, It will hit each other and tangle. When the vehicle stops, we see the distance between these two objects. The physical experiences that these two objects having as they moved, it is implicitly projecting the situation of emotional movement in the relationship.

moving trailer 2019, mymontréalchandelierchohab (JinHeewoong, Claire Stewart)
While at a public park in Montreal, we stared up at the almost full moon shining in the clear night sky. We started to discuss the UHaul project in abstract terms; movement and light. Expanding on the ongoing Chandeliers project, which is a collaborative, and site-specific installation project, we both thought that it would be nice if we could “pack” the “moonlight” into a moving trailer somehow.

© Jinheewoong