mychandelierchohab is an environment of self-learning and self-organisation. “Chohab” means “Cooperative” in Korean, which defines the working relationship among the members of the group. Every artist is the author of their individual production and keeps their rights on their individual pieces, but the products are exhibited collectively. 

We produce site-specific chandeliers. Chandeliers enhance the importance of a space. Historically chandeliers were placed in meaningful sites such as palaces or churches. At such places they were companions of works of art. Chandeliers are ostentatious and they emphasize the significance of locations in a spectacular way.

The works explore the relations between art, craft, design and how an object may become meaningful. How does an object become a lamp? How does a lamp become design? How does design become a chandelier and how does a chandelier become a work of art? When I look at the portfolio of multinational corporations, I ask myself: How come one corporation can build houses, ships, televisions, cell phones and cars at the same time? This is certainly not because a multi-talented genius is heading the conglomerate. It is not a matter of expertise. Yet the conglomerate can start any business at any time. This is the power of money, the god of commodities as Marx classified it. It is the all-mightiness of capital.

mychandelierchohab uses ideas, attitude and imagination rather than capital to create chandeliers. It is an exploration of creative powers in relation to the power of capital.

Text by Dirk Fleischmann

Artists: Jin heewoong, Dirk fleishcmann, Park sunah, Yoon hongsan, Shin hyocheol, Jang minhee, Park jungsun

© Jinheewoong