QO is a collective of wayfarers and itinerants.
We share a common experience of rootlessness. Where do you show your work when you are in flux? In precarity? The white cube gives breathing space to art, but it also hems it in. If our lives are full of motion, how do we give that same space to our work?Where do you show your work when you work on unknown ground?The abode of the nomad is not on the ground. It is in the sky. It is the sky that the vagabond looks to every night. The sky that orients. That is compass, storyteller, companion.When sky becomes the familiar ground, it becomes a material as solid and stable as earth, or clay. The sky becomes as familiar as the white walls of the gallery: expanding past their edges.This is an evening of gallery walls the shape of horizons.

‘As if nothing happened’ is a single-channel video work that constructed with collected footage while looking up the sky daily.
Staring at the sky brings the nostalgia for my childhood and reminds me of how far away I am from home physically and mentally, but It also brings the realization that there’re more airplanes in the sky than there are birds.

exhibition in the sky curated by quiteourselves, park jarry, Monteal, Canada, single channel video, 8” 21”, 2019

© Jinheewoong