Heewoong Jin (born 1984, from Korea) is a visual artist.

Works and lives in Montreal and Seoul.

Jin Heewoong is carrying out an experimental process of discovering combinations of particular objects in our surroundings the order and chaos within such combinations, and the aesthetic elements inherent in objects, and then creating new meanings through alterations in arrangement, enumeration and space.

Graduated from Cheongju University with Bachelor’s in Painting. Received graduate degree in Painting from the same university.

Started the (currently ongoing) mychandelierchohab project group in 2011, managed the artist-run space Salon_Vit in 2013, participated in the Gwangju Barim Media Space residency program in 2014, artist in residence at Cheongju Creative Art Studio in 2015 and Cheongju Internation Craft biennale 2017.


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